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Flyback Diodes
It is a necessary component in many circuits with inductive loads: the flyback diode.
Full-Wave Bridge Rectifier
It is used in many products and is de facto the standard rectifier: the full-wave bridge rectifier. Let's discover how it works.
Half-Wave Rectifier
A popular application for diodes are rectifier circuits. Today, we are going to look at a simple half-wave rectifier.
MAX3010x Pulse Oximeter Modules (Part 4)
The MAX3010x sensors can do more than just heart rate measurements. Let's do some pulse oximetry.
MAX3010x Pulse Oximeter Modules (Part 3)
Our previous approach for heart rate measurements didn't work very well. It's time for a better and more scientific algorithm.
MAX3010x Pulse Oximeter Modules (Part 2)
Now that we can acquire data with MAX3010x modules, it's time to apply our heart rate detection algorithm to it.
MAX3010x Pulse Oximeter Modules (Part 1)
It's time for some more advanced heart rate sensors. Today, we are going to take a look at the MAX3010x pulse oximeter sensor family.
Heart Rate Module (Part 3)
As promised, we are going to look at another solution for detecting heart beats. This time without using a buffer.
Heart Rate Module (Part 2)
In the last part of this tutorial, we already tried out the KY-039 module. Today, we are going to implement a proper heart rate detection.
Heart Rate Module (Part 1)
Today, we are going to look at a very simple heart rate sensor. Let's discover how it works and how we can measure the heart rate with it.
LM35 Temperature Sensor
The LM35 is a cheap and easy to use analog temperature sensor found in many Arduino Kits. Let's find out how to use it.
MCP4725 DAC Module (Part 2)
DACs are often used together with analog circuits. As an example for this we will use the MCP4725 to build a programmable current source.
MCP4725 DAC Module (Part 1)
One of the limits of the Arduino Uno is that it doesn't have a DAC. The external MCP4725 module is thus an interesting extension.
Alternating Current
Before we look at rectifier circuits, let's take a brief look at alternating current.
Reverse Polarity Protection
A reverse voltage can easily damage electronic circuits. Let's look at simple reverse polarity protection circuits using diodes.
A diode is like a one-way road for electric current. Let's have a look at this simple semiconductor components.
P-N Junction
Let's look at the foundation for transistors, diodes and many other semiconductor components: the p-n junction.
HTU21D Humidity Sensor
Interested in sensing environmental data? Let's have a look at another humidity and temperature sensor: the HTU21D.
DHT11 and DHT22 Humidity Modules
Do you want to measure humidity and temperature for one of your projects? The DHT11 and DHT22 are a popular choice.
LDR Modules
LDRs are an easy solution to react to brightness changes. Let's look at corresponding Arduino modules.