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Avalanche Breakdown
Let's learn more about the second important breakdown effect in zener diodes: the avalanche breakdown.
Zener Effect
The zener effect is the dominant breakdown effect in low voltage zener diodes. Let's take some time to learn more about it.
P-N Junction
Let's look at the foundation for transistors, diodes and many other semiconductor components: the p-n junction.
A world without semiconductor components has become unthinkable. But what are they and what makes them that special?
Voltage Dividers
As we are now familiar with resistor combinations, let's take a deeper look into voltage dividers.
Resistor Combinations
We already know how resistance, current and voltage behave for single resistors. But what about more complex resistor combinations?
Ohm's Law
When talking about resistance, we cannot avoid ohm’s law, which shows the connection between current, voltage and resistance.
Conductivity and Resistance
Among the components found in circuits, resistors are pretty common. Let's take a look at them and the conductivity of different materials.
Electricity Fundamentals
Before we start the circuit basics series, let's first take a look at the fundamentals and the history of electricity.