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Summing up
This is the end of my Arduino Introduction Series. It's time to sum everything up and look ahead!
Using LCDs
Sometimes you want to display measurements without using the serial monitor. In this tutorial we learn how to use an LCD for this purpose.
IR Receiver
Ever wondered how IR remote controls work? Let's look into it and use one to control an LED connected to our Arduino.
Creating Sounds
Time for some music! In this tutorial we create sounds using a piezo speaker and our Arduino Uno.
Using PWM Outputs
How can you change the brightness of an LED? Let's look into Pulse Width Modulation.
Using Analog Inputs
Welcome to the analog world! This time we will create a twilight switch using a LDR and the analog input of our Arduino.
Serial Communication
Let's discover the serial port and learn how to send messages to the computer and receive configuration values.
Waiting and Working
How is it possible to wait, and check for a button press at the same time? Let's explore one of the solutions to this problem!
Using Digital Inputs
Let's make our traffic light a bit more interesting by adding a button to it. Ready to learn how you can use a digital input of your Arduino for this?
Using Digital Outputs
The Blink example was a nice program to test the Arduino board, but how does it work and how can we make something bigger? Let's get started with controlling the digital output pins of your Arduino.
Setup the Arduino IDE
Before we can dive into programming we need to fulfill the prerequisites. This tutorial will show you how you can install the Arduino IDE and the required drivers.
What is Programming?
There are tons of cool Arduino projects out there. It's simply amazing what you can do with a small microcontroller and a bit of programming. But wait, lets stop here and talk about what programming actually is and why you should start with it.