Building a Christmas Tree (Part 2)

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Christmas is on its way and so is our LED Christmas tree project. In the second part of our project, we build the wooden tree itself.

Let's go!

In the last part of this series I introduced you to the LED Christmas tree project and the required materials. Today, we start building the wooden tree. Take out your saw and let's go!

Tree Template

Building a wooden tree without any plan or template would be a project that is doomed to fail. This is why I prepared a template for you. Print it out and then its easy to follow the steps shown below and get a nice tree by just sawing along the lines. A word of a warning: make sure that the dimensions are still correct after printing. The tree height should be roughly 16 cm and the biggest circle is 10 cm in diameter.

Download Template

Tree Template

Building the Tree

The result

Wow, that was a lot of work, but finally we are done building the tree. In the next tutorial, we will integrate the electronics and bring some light into the darkness of the December nights.

The final wooden tree

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