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Building Dark Activated LED Lights
Let's learn how to build dark activated LED lights to brighten up the dark time of the year.
Low Voltage AC Source (Summary)
Let's look back at what we learned in this project series and talk about which solution fits which use case.
Low Voltage AC Source (Part 10)
Last time we built an AC source using a transistor H-bridge. This time, we replace the transistors with MOSFETs to improve the efficiency.
LED Candle (Part 2)
Let there be light! Today we are building the electronics for our LED candle.
LED Candle (Part 1)
Winter is back and the days are getting shorter. Let's build a light: an LED candle.
Low Voltage AC Source (Part 9)
We built ourselves a working, but quite complex AC source. However, our solution is not the only possible one.
Low Voltage AC Source (Part 7)
Additionally, to amplifying our AC signal using an op amp, we are now going to use a push-pull stage to further increase the output power.
Low Voltage AC Source (Part 6)
In the last part of this project, we used an op amp to increase the current. This time we are going to increase the output voltage.
Low Voltage AC Source (Part 5)
After we learned about different ways to generate a sine wave, it is now time to speak about amplifying the output signal.
Low Voltage AC Source (Part 4)
Today, we are going to look at a third method for generating a sine wave with an Arduino: using the Arduino's PWM output as DAC.
Low Voltage AC Source (Part 3)
We already created a sine wave using a DAC. Today, we are going to try out another method: transforming a square wave into a sine wave.
Low Voltage AC Source (Part 2)
Let's move on and generate a sine wave signal for our AC source. Our first approach: using a DAC.
Low Voltage AC Source (Part 1)
Normally we power our circuits with DC. For experimenting with rectifiers, however, we need an AC source. So, let's build one!
Building a Christmas Tree (Part 3)
Christmas is near. It's time to finish our LED Christmas tree project and add the electronics.
Building a Christmas Tree (Part 2)
Christmas is on its way and so is our LED Christmas tree project. In the second part of our project, we build the wooden tree itself.
Building a Christmas Tree (Part 1)
It's Christmas time again. Let's build something Christmassy like a programmable LED Christmas tree.